As a musician and composer, my aesthetic choices are informed by my thoughts on ontological and other related philosophical concerns. My interest lies in the Non-Representational and in the revealing of what it is in itself: the Essential.

Drawing influences from a myriad of disciplines, the nature of my work is that of research. I am also interested in the digital world and the possibilities that it presents to me. My pieces have been performed by various ensembles for example, Triple Helix Trio, Zodiac Trio, BleepBlop Ensemble, GTLork etc.,. As a drummer, I have worked extensively with artists such as Yuhan Su (Flying Alone), Cloud Ludum (Free Play), BleepBlop Ensemble (Almost Acoustic, Bounce) and Alisa Apreleva (Lucidus).

Some of my principal music teachers are Dr. Richard Boulanger (Electronic Music), Tibor Pusztai (Composition), Arnold Friedman (Composition), Dean Anderson (Percussion) and Ralph Peterson Jr. (drums).


Contemporary Classical and Electronic Music

Anatta explores the technique of granular synthesis.

White explores the possibilities of human voice and the richness of noise.

!Me? is a hommage to John Cage’s 4’33”. This piece uses the ratio 4:3:3 for determining various aspects of form, sound design and motif development in interesting ways
Ox27 is a pure electronic piece written in Csound.

RecursionsB is a solo piano piece written as part of the Recusions series. The entire musical material is derived from 4 chords and their transpositions.

RecursionsC is a solo percussion piece written as part of the Recursions series. The piece explores the contrast between stasis and movement and extreme dynamic levels.

String Quartet No:1  – This is a study in rhythmic interplay and interval based harmonic progressions.

Circles – An improvised saxophone and drums duo signifying the circular nature of life and death


Still Point – A conceptual improvisational suite exploring stasis and the world of yin and yang.

Multiplicities for 5 players – A study in organic counterpoint and spatialization