Wearable Drumming Prosthesis

With the Robotic Musicianship Group at Georgia Tech, I was mainly involved with the Wearable Drumming Prosthesis project for which I developed software frameworks for music composition and parameter mapping using Matlab/Simulink/C++/MaxMSP, surface EMG-based parameter control system and location sensing using infrared and ultrasonic sensors. I was also responsible for composing interactive music systems for the Wearable Drumming Prosthesis and my composition titled ‘Sections’ was premiered by Jason Barnes at Kennesaw State University in March 2014.

Link to Paper (https://arxiv.org/abs/1612.04391)

An overview video:


In early 2015, I worked as a TA for the Robotic Musicianship Course under the Vertically Integrated Program in which I mentored a group of undergraduate students and was involved in the early conceptualization and design of “Robotic Drumming Third Arm” project. (http://www.gtcmt.gatech.edu/robotic-musicianship-projects#third-arm)


Other demo videos for the Wearable Drumming Prosthesis:

Functionalities Video:

In Concert at Kennesaw State University:

Variable Bounce System for the Robotic Arm developed in Max/MSP



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